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Rekruta is one stop recruitment solutions to hire the best talents. Our strategic talent consultants use big data, predictive analytics, and algorithm to effectively source talents to help grow your business.

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Rekruta's talent consultants have made hiring process way easier than before

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Only the best candidates, identified by algorithms, curated by humans & ready to interview that gives you competitive advantage to win the talent war.

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Don’t waste time on unresponsive leads — candidates respond within 72 hours. Set up an interview in days, hire within 2 weeks.

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Our affordable success-based pricing accomodates corporate clients recruitment needs for mid-level positions and above. T&C applies.

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Passive candidates make up 75% of the talent market. Rekruta's top consultants help you find them using today’s most innovative recruiting technologies.

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Rekruta saves over 60 hours of manual process during the first three steps of recruitment and more on the next stages

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