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Hire top talents, fast

Only the best candidates, identified by algorithms, curated by humans & ready to interview.

Only the best candidates

Sourced from over hundred thousand profiles, identified by algorithms and curated by humans. Only less than 1% of candidates qualify for our exclusive marketplace.

Hire within 2 weeks

Don’t waste time on unresponsive leads — candidates respond within 72 hours. Set up an interview in days, hire within 2 weeks.

Only pay when you hire

Pay only 15% of the hire's first year remuneration upfront. Or, pay 2% of the hire's annual salary per month for their first 10 months of employment. T&C applies.

Fast & Easy

Get straight to hiring

Sign up in minutes. Just tell us what you're hiring for and get your first match instantly. Optionally, add all your colleagues with a click and connect your Rekruta ATS to track your progress.

Learn what candidates want

Go beyond basic profiles, resumés and keywords. Understand what candidates really want from their next role. Small team or big? Salary? Node, Python, or PHP?

Chat, schedule, hire

Move fast when you match with a top candidate. Chat directly with them, one-click schedule a first call and get all the context you need to make that call as useful as possible.