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IDR 990,000
With Rekruta ATS, teams get one central place to manage all recruiting-related activities. Get in touch for details.
Starter Team Pro

ATS Package

With Rekruta ATS, teams get one central place to manage all recruiting-related activities. That means they'll spend less time on administration and more time closing candidates. For HR managers, Rekruta gives real-time visibility into their teams' activities, so forecasting hiring with confidence is easy.

Best of all, Rekruta is easy to use and customizable to the way you work. And, because it's all in the cloud, everyone can access Rekruta with just an Internet connection - there is no need for expensive hardware or software. With Rekruta, you can simply add more seats or upgrade to another Tier that has more features when your business grows. There's no disruption to your business, because we take care of everything behind the scenes.

Rekruta ATS Package Tier


Out-of-the-box Applicant Tracking System for up to 5 users.

Get up and running in no time with the simple recruiting solution for small businesses. Rekruta Starter gives you everything you need to succeed right out of the box and ready to go. With unlimited job postings availability, you can keep the database of candidates up to date from anywhere, without the busywork. Access to our online resources is always available.


Complete Applicant Tracking System.

Manage your entire recruiting pipeline with Team edition. Track your candidates including their complete information like personal information, related emails, collaborative comments, and interview feedback form. Get real-time Human Resources insights with accurate reports and dashboards.


Complete Applicant Tracking System with Advanced Features.

Do more with Pro edition. Automate HR Recruiting processes using pre-screening and candidate engagement, tailor Rekruta to your company using 50 users with customizable credentials. You can manage complex assessment process, and see how your engagement with candidates have progressed together with your company brand awareness.

Detailed ATS Features Comparison





Real Time Applicant Tracking System

Get access to any live updates and applications in our web-based platform

Live Chat Support + Email

Quickly get any answers you want from us

Unlimited Job Postings

Create as many job postings as you want

Unlimited Candidate Database

Build your talent database without any restriction in numbers

Unlimited File Storage

Easily add portfolio files and resumes to your candidate profiles

Nested Comments

Proactively collaborate with your fellow hiring managers and recruiters

Customizable Stages

Seamlessly implement your current recruitment process stages

2-way Gmail/Outlook email and calendar sync

Communicate with candidates effectively

Interview Feedback Form

Customize your interview process to match each role

Secret Comments

Discuss internally with your colleagues with ease

Chrome Extension

Find and contact candidates across the web


Get comprehensive reports to accelerate your hiring process in an instant

Rekruta Radar with UNLIMITED Coins

Talent search engine to find the unfindables

Pre-screening Assessment Tool

Assess candidates and get to know their skills before inviting them to an interview


Custom job postings API and design your own career page

Candidate Delegation

Easily assign candidate to a subsidiary company account without any deletion of the original profile

Custom Integrations

Seamlessly integrate to existing HRIS


Additional users than assigned limits for each tier can be purchased at IDR 49,000 / user / month

5 (Super Admin Only)



Terms and Conditions

Rates and price per users are applicable for companies using Google for Work and Microsoft Outlook Server. For companies using custom email domain, please contact us.