Why Rekruta is different from other traditional headhunters?

Our Knowledge Is Your Power

Request and our consultant shall find - and more convenient than ever. Our talent mapping, wide networks, and predictive analytics create an efficient, effective, and enjoyable experience that's far faster than traditional methods. This means 10x more results, including candidates that don’t exist on job portals or LinkedIn.

  • Revamp your recruitment process

    Cut your sourcing time by engaging qualified, motivated and ready-to-interview candidates and be ready to discover hard-to-find candidates.

  • Aggregated Profile

    Get to know your candidates even before you engage them with continuously updated and verified insights.

  • Increase candidates’ response rate

    Our patent-pending proprietary algorithm helps our consultants identify candidates who have higher chance to move and change jobs.

How is machine learning used to detect candidates who have higher chance to move?

Our internal tools leverage big data, predictive analytics and social signals to help recruiting organizations find, qualify, and engage with in-demand talent. We have access to profiles of over millions of candidates profile, each filled with data from social sites, and analyze over 70 variables to determine when a candidate is ready to change jobs.